Transformers Inspired Birthday Party Ideas and Free Printables

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I’m so excited to share how Matthew’s Seventh Transformers Inspired Birthday Party Celebration at School went. Now that almost all the parties are done for the holiday, save New Year, I can now post this to my blog.  🙂  I’ve included Free Transformers Party Printables for you to use as well, download them below at the end of this post.

Matthew’s Seventh Transformers Inspired Birthday Party Celebration at School

transformers birthday party

These past few weeks were very busy; planning my son’s seventh birthday celebration at school, preparing for the Christmas party at his school, his Seventh Transformers Birthday Party at our house, and Christmas celebration with the whole family. Finally, I can sit back and relax after months of planning and go back to posting on my blog.

Check out the pictures below. I hope this post will give you an idea how to decorate your little one’s party celebration at school.  🙂

Transformers Birthday Party Printables

The Favor Boxes

For these cute favor boxes, I bought the boxes. They were actually avengers printed, and they were red, perfect for the transformers theme colors which are red, blue and yellow. I created labels and printed them on sticker papers, then covered the avengers print on the boxes. I also created tags to attach to the favor boxes. They turned out great! I stuffed the boxes with assorted candies and chocolates. My son loved them.  🙂

transformers birthday party favor boxes

transformers birthday party favor boxes

The Cake Topper

I designed a cake topper, then bought a delicious Cindy’s Chocolate Cake . I love Cindy’s Cakes, not too sweet but simply delicious. I buy cakes from them every time we have celebrations and whenever I crave for a cake.

transformers birthday party cake topper

Food Boxes

I bought the food boxes at Robinson’s Department Store. To match them with the Transformers theme I created labels, then printed them on sticker papers. I also created round stickers with a name of each of his classmates, to be used a seal on each of the boxes. I also did this idea with my nephew’s Tenth Minecraft Inspired Birthday Party  and my son’s Sixth Lego Avengers’ Inspired Birthday Party at school last year.

transformers birthday party food boxes

transformers birthday party food boxes

The kids loved their food (spaghetti and fried chicken)! My husband did all the cooking. He is a great cook, and my greatest supporter. At times when I plan for a party, he does all the cooking and food turn out great and delicious every time. 🙂

Water Bottle Labels

For the water bottle labels, I made them simple and printed them on sticker papers. I didn’t have to put the water bottles on the fridge anyway, because the weather was cold and we don’t want the kids drinking cold water on a cold  weather. 🙂

transformers birthday party water bottle labels

The kids were very happy and excited. And the look on my son’s face was priceless! The moment we arrived to set up his party, he excitedly called all his classmates.  🙂

matthew transformers birthday party

transformers birthday party 31

transformers birthday party

The free transformers inspired birthday party printables include:

All files are 300 dpi High Resolution in PNG format, formatted to be printed on 8.5″x 11″ size paper.

Download them here:

Transformers Free Birthday Party Printables

If you decorate your party using my designs, I would love to feature your party here in my blog if you like. 🙂   You can send your pictures at

You can download more Free Transformers Birthday Party Printables from the link below. This is when we celebrated my son’s transformers Party at our house.

Matthew’s Seventh Transformers Birthday Party

Transformers Birthday Party

Transformers Birthday Party

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